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The Black & Queer Roots of EDM

"In this video, we explore the backlash against disco music in the late 1970s and its deeper societal implications."
Peace Lynx (2004)
"The late poet Audre Lorde wrote, "Your silence will not protect you." If oppression in any form deserves a cry of outrage, then preemptive war--surely the ultimate form of oppression--demands a roar to echo around the globe."
88 by 31 button for The Onion
"your ultimate archive"
De Facto Ep 13: Gerald Horne: THE WHITE PACIFIC, Whaling, Slavery & US Imperialism in Hawaii & the South Seas
Rotating .gif which says Tell A Friend About This Site
"a project to excavate shut down, abandoned web ruins and restore them to surfable, visually accessible, searchable, remixable condition"
EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu: The History of South Africa by Leonard Thompson
An image which resembles a web browser window open to and says 'Znet WEB guide'
Countries from which I have no coin in my collection
Pavel's Numismatic Pages
NoSurf, How the Web has Changed & Unplugging Methods I've Tried Thus Far
rainbow colored rotating text which says 'Flippys Cat Page'
US interventionism, the 3rd world, and the USSR
"the Third World is not poor. You don't go to poor countries to make money. There are very few poor countries in this world. Most countries are rich! The Philippines are rich! Brazil is rich! Mexico is rich! Chile is rich—only the people are poor. But there's billions to be made there, to be carved out, and to be taken—there's been billions for 400 years! The Capitalist European and North American powers have carved out and taken the timber, the flax, the hemp, the cocoa, the rum, the tin, the copper, the iron, the rubber, the bauxite, the slaves, and the cheap labour. They have taken out of these countries—these countries are not underdeveloped—they're overexploited!"
"Guampedia is a community project that highlights the unique Chamorro heritage and history of Guam and the Mariana Islands. We are a non-profit affiliate of the University of Guam with operations funded by the Government of Guam's Tourism Attraction Fund. Si Yu'os ma'åse' for visiting Guampedia!"
Which Face is Real
"Click on the person who is real."
USA’s Military Empire: A Visual Database
Redefining the World
Posted on June 2, 2009
"Think about it. In these last moments of your campus life, don’t you find it a little strange that the United States, your country, has military bases, more than 700 of them, scattered across every continent and that your school offers not a single course on the way we garrison this planet? Don’t you find it just a tad odd that this seemingly salient fact of our national existence hasn’t seemed worth teaching, debating, or discussing?"
Exposing Imperial Japan
"Ever since someone dumped a trove of old newspaper issues onto the Internet Archive in October 2021, I have been slowly translating and posting select articles to share my findings with the wider community. I am a US-educated Japanese person concerned about the spread of historical misinformation by Japanese far-right activists supporting revisionist and denialist viewpoints about the history of Imperial Japan, especially with respect to war crimes and atrocities. I hope that this blog will help combat historical misinformation about Imperial Japan on the Internet, and that professional historians will be inspired to start an online resource like this one, but on a much larger scale. You can contact me at tpjv86a-blogspot at yahoo dot com."
Sites for a Free Palestine
"This webring is for webmasters who would like to share resources in their support for a free Palestine."
CovertAction Information Bulletin
Rubin and Ed theme
Wondrous Future
Прекрасное далеко
Dawn: Marxism and National Liberation
"the past is a resource, not a destination – it reminds us of what is possible, and its traces show us that elements of that old communitarianism can be harnessed in the fight against colonial private property relations in the present."
Animated light purple and green banner which says 'Web Design by Konstantin Babeshkov' and then dissolves into saying ''
Larry-bob's Queer Hotlist (2003)
"It seems like there's a plethora of kind of mainstreamy gay stuff on-line. Let's just say you won't find any links to the Log Cabin Republicans here. This list is oriented more towards queer zines and other out of the ordinary stuff."
Star Trek Enterprise Alternate Intro
"Perfect Strangers" Theme
(New Version)
Dedicated to All the troops fighting this war for us and our rights to remain FREEE!!!!! (2003)
"Created 3-20-2003, My way of showing MY support to ALLLLLLLL troops. Thank you for fighting for my Freedom and giving me the freedom of speach, making it possible to make this page, where else would I be able to type my opinion? ONLY in AMERICA, and Making USoA still #1"
Sims 2 OST - Lemon Jelly, but it gets worse over time
"Search Neocities using VHSearch!"
"The most powerful guide to the old Internet"
The Retronaut webring
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